BC Craft Beer Review – Strange Fellows Goldilocks Belgian Golden Strong

Goldilocks is a seasonal limited release beer from Strange Fellows Brewing in Vancouver, BC that is brewed to a strength of 8.5% abv and sold in a 750mL bottle for around $15 a piece. Although I still found it to be a touch expensive (about the same price as a 4x16oz pack of their regular line-up beers), after tasting it I was quite comfortable recommending it as my Local Beer of the Week. You see, beyond Dageraad Brewing in Burnaby and Townsite in Powelle River, I find there are very few decent Belgian inspired styles brewed locally, so when one rises above the pack I’m happy to point it out here.

Aroma and Appearance: It pours a clear golden colour with some small fast rising bubbles and creates two fingers of pearly foam that leave some sporadic lacing in the glass. The aroma is animal feed, cereal grains, hay, and lemon grass with a touch of booze and quaffs of coriander spice that tickle your nostrils a little as you sniff it.

Flavour: The beer is reminiscent of Rice Chex cereal and hay upfront with a medium-thick body in the middle accompanied by banana and notes of lemon leaf. As the beer finishes it moves into a full coriander, yeast ester driven experience that’s laced with cloves and allspice on the aftertaste.

Overall Impression: I always crave that warming coriander and clove finish in a Belgian Ale and it’s what separates the imitations from the genuine product in my books. Needless to say, Goldilocks delivered quite nicely here and left a strong impression after drinking the bottle.

Rating: I gave it an excellent rating of 8.5/10, just remember if you are soloing this bottle, well 750mL of 8.5% beer packs a punch so be careful!

Food Pairing: A French Charouce style cheese, poutine or meatballs.

They have released a new Fellowship membership offering in 2017, continuing with their precious model of membership exclusive events, guaranteed limited releases, and they are even including an option to purchase 4 of the 2015 membership beers if you missed out on them. Be sure to check out their Facebook page for more information if this excites you!

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