Craft Beer Review – AleSmith Brewing Nut Brown

AleSmith Nut BrownAleSmith Brewing – Nut Brown: Brewed in San Diego, CA this nut brown ale comes in at a strength of 5% abv and according to the bottle is brewed as a tribute to the British nut brown style.

Aroma and Appearance: It’s a dark reddish brown and pours with one finger of foam and some small visible surface bubbles. The aroma is nutty with molasses and earth.

Flavour: This is a fairly simple beer with earth, nuts a very slight tartness and biscuit malt flavour.

Overall Impression: Although it is simple, the nuts and earth combination is quite delightful.

Rating: A fairly well executed beer to style so I give it a 7/10 which is very good and one I would recommend, but not immediately buy again.

Food Pairing: They suggest an aged gouda as a pairing and I agree that would work very well.

AleSmith seems to make pretty decent beer, however I have yet to have anything amazing from them. I do have some Speedway Stouts and Old Numbskulls in the cellar though so I have pretty high expectations for those based on other’s feedback.



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