BC Craft Beer Review – Moody Ales Hardy Brown Ale From A Crowler

Moody Ales Hardy Brown Ale Crowler

Moody Ales Hardy Brown Ale: This beer is brewed in Port Moody, BC to a strength of 5.5% abv and came in a giant 946mL sized can more commonly known and trademarked as a Crowler. Moody Ales launched these on December 18th, 2014 (apparently the first one’s in Canada to do so) and they will fill them in the brewery for you just like you would a growler, but it isn’t refillable. They can also be found in some private liquor stores as they have about a 4 week shelf life, which does make them pretty convenient for a grab and go kind of product.

Aroma and Appearance: It pours a clear medium brown colour with no bubbles and a small thin layer of foam. The aroma is nutty with bits of chocolate and toffee.

Flavour: A fairly balanced mild ale with nutty toffee notes upfront followed by some chocolate and light roast coffee in the middle. It finishes with sweet caramel and a general moderate earthiness that sits well on the palate.

Overall Impression: This is a good beer, a nice brown ale that is approachable with some good flavours to go along with it. Bring a few of these Crowlers to the next party or event you attend and you’ll be a popular individual!

Rating: Very good at 7/10, a nice easy drinker that makes consuming this huge can in one sitting pretty easy to accomplish.

Food Pairing: Would work well with some sauteed noodles and sirloin steak pieces with a bit of soy sauce mixed in or perhaps some beef stroganoff, with a bit beer used in the recipe too.

I drank most of this during our latest podcast where we talked about growlers for a good length of time during our second episode, please take a moment to check it out here at http://pacificbeerchat.com/ or watch it directly below on our YouTube channel.

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