I am now a Level 5 Beer Geek

Beer Glass of IPA +2

Beer Glass of IPA +2

Leveling as a Beer Geek – Originally I had listed myself as a level 4 beer geek on a scale of 1-5, now I realize that like a karate black belt there are various degrees beyond the belt that I have yet to learn. To make things easy, I will expand the scale to a 1 to 10 range and self proclaim myself a level 5 #beergeek. Why am I a level 5 beer geek now? Well, for starters I already cellar beer, I blog about beer, I am a certified Beer Enthusiast (Prud’homme), I make my own beer tasting note pads and I occasionally home brew which I believe qualified me as a level 4 beer geek. However, now I have gotten a little deeper into the whole glassware thing and I finally got onto Untappd so it was time to self level up to Level 5 Beer Geek.

Now about these Spiegelau IPA glasses – they really do intensify the aroma and flavour of the IPA’s and likely Pale Ales (yet to try). I normally use a Sam Adams perfect pint glass, however these are truly better in my opinion. Perhaps a bit fragile they can be found on amazon.com for $20 a pair and are worth picking up if you truly want to enjoy this style of beer. For one, the aroma is perfectly captured in the slight tulip of the top of the glass with enough room to fit most noses to the point where you can get your whole nose in there to quaff the aromas (sorry Chalie “C.D” Bales, not for so much for you although perhaps that wine trick will work with beer too). The ribbed bottom is a bit thicker and releases flavour throughout the entire serving. You may think it is a gimmick, but trust me when I say that it delivers well when you start to refine your palate you will notice the difference.

My Untappd Handle in interested – venturinginvancouver

My Beer Geek Level – Level 5 Adept Beer Geek


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