Craft Beer Review – Bridgeport Brewing Hop Harvest Fresh Hop IPA

Bridgeport Brewing Hop Harvest Fresh Hop IPA

Bridgeport Brewing Hop Harvest Fresh Hop IPA: Brewed in Portland, Oregon with fresh hops harvested from farm to kettle within merely an hour, this beer is made to a strength of 7% abv with 60 IBUs worth of fresh crystal hops from nearby Sodbuster Farms in the Willamette Valley region. Admittedly, this was a random and timely find during a recent Oregon Coastal vacation I took in the late summer, an annual pilgrimage we take as a family once a year that always manages to have me coming home with some awesome beer!

Aroma and Appearance: The beer pours a slightly cloudy golden colour with two fingers of foam and a low level of carbonation. The aroma hits you when you first crack the bottle, from up to a few feet away you can smell the fresh hops which consist of a massive lemon and tangerine citrus blast with hints of tropical mango, nectarine and a light biscuit malt note on the side.

Flavour: Even a month later (although I had this super fresh too) this beer has an oily citrus blast full of lemon and lime citrus up front with mango and tangerine carrying over from the aroma into the palate. In the middle the biscuit malt pops out amongst even more tangerine hop oils that tease you as it transitions into a herbal tea like finish that’s dusted with resinous pine and the floral aftertaste Bridgeport is famous for.

Overall Impression: So leafy and delicious, a very nice offering from a well established mainstay in Portland, Oregon.

Rating: I give it an excellent rating of 8.5/10, a very pleasant beer with lots to offer.

Food Pairing: I suggest this one on its own, enjoy the fresh hops with a clean palate and explore them throughout the glass.

These folks were even kind enough to share my photo on their Facebook Page on the day I enjoyed my first one of these, be sure to give them a follow online or visit when you are in town!

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